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Imagine This:

The pipes under your sink started leaking today, so head to Google and search for "Dallas Plumbing" only to see an offer you can't refuse in one of the ads listed next to it.

Click on the ad and go to the company's website, then proceed to read some reviews about the service. After a few 4 and 5 star readings, you decide it's a safe bet and place a service order. 

They show up, fix the pipes in less than an hour, and say goodbye with a smile and a handshake.

You're impressed by their fast and friendly service, but not enough to think about liking or rating them on Facebook.

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However, a month goes by and his coworker mentions that the water is not running properly, so he had to take a cold shower. You remember the plumbing service and you tell them their brand and they take the phone out of their pocket and find it instantly on Facebook.

Sounds Familiar?

When companies start to seriously consider online marketing, they often consider complex actions like search engine marketing and social media marketing first, without understanding the differences in each approach.

However, the great thing about online marketing is that although there are different routes to take, like SEM and SMM, they all play with each other and support each other.

First, let's talk about why people participate in these marketing activities in the first place.

Social Media Marketing

The Revision Effect

If you didn't already know, 85% of people read up to 10 reviews online before deciding to trust the company in what they offer. I don't mean to say that this is all that social media is about, but it is a huge bonus.

Having a presence on Yelp, Facebook, and Google Plus to allow reviews to be added is a wise move, especially if your platforms see a lot of traffic.

Native Advertising

Historically, allowing your ads to feed into Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn feeds has been shown to be one of the least intrusive forms of advertising leading to the highest overall engagement. 

When you casually scroll down a feed and see a "sponsored" post that sparks your interest in clicking on it, you simply fall victim to the beauty of native ads.

The best part is that viewers can comment on a native ad to give their opinion, allowing others to see that comment in their feeds by association to increase the overall reach of the ad.

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Perfect Opportunity to Promote, Create Deals and Add Customer Lifetime Value

Too often, social media is seen as just a content hub when it can and should do so much more.

You can run campaigns that integrate social media into a limited time deal / offer that has proven to be massive success.

But the best part is, when you add value to the lives of social media fans, more fans flock naturally - no social media payment required. 

Rather than investing money in something to get leads, using social media marketing to improve the customer journey should be seen as an opportunity.

Search Marketing

Largest Target Audience

Intuitively, we all turn to Google or some other search engine to find something, especially services. 

Google is the main platform through which we directly discover websites that display their stuff, so this is also a reason for marketers to contact you.

It's not exactly a secret that the vast majority of people check search engine results before making a purchase. Which, of course, in turn leads to the need to rank high in search results.

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